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嵐 Scans & Uploads

go_nin - the scans and uploads of gimmick_game
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☆Welcome to go_nin
This community is the home to the scans, rips and uploads of gimmick_game. Unless otherwise credited, please credit the community for things found here. All weekly shows, please credit the original source!

Please do not take links out of this community. Most files are hosted on my private server and while the bandwidth is unlimited, that's a little asshatty of you. last_of_days has carte blanche immunity to use my direct download links but no one else. If you see them elsewhere (links will be prefaced with http://www.wemakestorm.net), please send me a message! If you want to share a file, just direct the person to the community. Membership is COMPLETELY OPEN, meaning no waiting, just click "join!"

♥ Andii