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Video Compression - The Difference Between SD Analog and HDTV - A Primer

This is something that has been bugging me for a while, and I think the biggest problem right now is people don't understand the differences in the way video is produced. More than once, I've had someone ask me for the "HD" of a pv, even though I've uploaded the DVD rip, which is just about the highest quality you can get.

So I've decided to explain it a bit to help people understand the differences between DVD rips, Television Streams (Analog and HDTV) and why some things are in huge frame size while others aren't, but of the same quality.

Analog vs. HDTV, what's the difference?Collapse )

.ts, .mp4, .avi??!!! What happened to .mpg?Collapse )

704x396 - To Be HD or Not To Be HDCollapse )

I want HD PVs!!! I'll wait for the HD of THIS concert!Collapse )

Why is VS Arashi So Much BIGGER?!!!!Collapse )

Will You Teach Me How to Encode?!!!Collapse )

I hope this has been at least somewhat informative and not just a lot of babble as it may well be.
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Thanks for the information ♥
thank you so much for taking time to explain these!
and thx always for all the uploads!!
oh wow :D this was very very informative (and with feelings in the explanation XD)

and I haven't really thought about the VS arashi being colorful and all, but now that you've mentioned it, it totally makes sense :D

thank you :)
thank you so much for taking ur time writing such a long explanation!!
it makes sense too much for me~
that clears a few things up. thanks so much for sharing your experience and wisdom =)
I respect you, I respect and admire all people who can do these things~! I wonder if I'll be able to do this one day~!

The process seems very difficult and long~! I really admire you for always encoding and providing the best you can of Arashi shows for us~

Thank you for the explanation~ you're amazing~
Thank you for the explanation <3

I've always wondering why VSA is bigger than any other show, now I know the answer.. ^^

And thanks for your hard work!
thanks for these "FAQs" lol and yea VS IS SO COLORFUL. SO THATS WHT HUH. LOL
So that's why VS is always so big compared to others! Thank you very much for this post. It was a really interesting read and very helpful. Thanks a lot for your awesome uploads, as well! :)
thanks for explaining this!
it clears up somewhat the mess that is my head regarding videos, quality and encoding =)
It seems to me people are a bit "HD" obsessed these days. Personally, I would prefer a smaller file size in nice quality to a giant 1280x720 that's grainy and jumpy but ripped from HDTV. Slapping the word "HDTV" on a file does not necessarily mean nice quality, but it definitely gets the download numbers, I suppose.

Thanks for the info!
I appreciate the explanation :)
I don't really know much about the technical aspects of videos, but I do know subbers have to find their own ideal balance of file size and quality, regardless of what the rest of the leechers say.
I admire you folks for spending your precious time and efforts just to share with us these wonderful videos. Keep up the good work and Thank you!!! :)
thank you! this was most amazing and quite informative as a read =]
that was very very helpful!
thanks a lot for that! :)
thank you so much for explaining! it makes so much more sense now. first, i want to thank you so much for patiently putting up with every hassle converting these files and uploading and doing all the major pain for us other fans to watch. I've never tried doing those, but i've worked with video editing stuff for uni work and i must say that that is a bloody hell of pain to work with already. T_T seriously, thank you so much!

and needless to say, though im a big HQ/HD fan, i've never been on good terms with .mp4 files (unless theyre the same size as the one for my ipod XD) simply because they dont play smoothly on my PC just like .avi does. not that i have any right to complain. ^^;;

and finally, to echo your voice about the disk space- i myself wanted a macbook pro but im still stuck with my laptop. i have 2 HDs and even that isnt enough to take the shows in, especially shiyagare! T_T

sorry if the reply went long! m(u_u)m but really, thank you so much!
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