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This is something that has been bugging me for a while, and I think the biggest problem right now is people don't understand the differences in the way video is produced. More than once, I've had someone ask me for the "HD" of a pv, even though I've uploaded the DVD rip, which is just about the highest quality you can get.

So I've decided to explain it a bit to help people understand the differences between DVD rips, Television Streams (Analog and HDTV) and why some things are in huge frame size while others aren't, but of the same quality.

Analog vs. HDTV, what's the difference?Collapse )

.ts, .mp4, .avi??!!! What happened to .mpg?Collapse )

704x396 - To Be HD or Not To Be HDCollapse )

I want HD PVs!!! I'll wait for the HD of THIS concert!Collapse )

Why is VS Arashi So Much BIGGER?!!!!Collapse )

Will You Teach Me How to Encode?!!!Collapse )

I hope this has been at least somewhat informative and not just a lot of babble as it may well be.
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