April 11th, 2010

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Bay Storm & Arashi Discovery (04.11&12.2010)

Long time no post!

The little dry spell of Arashi shows has given me time to relax and not have to worry for a bit, but things are picking up again!

So to tide you all over until VS is done encoding (omfg... so long) and 5x10 gets here, I bring you Bay Storm & Arashi Discovery from this week. If you hadn't heard already, Ohno played Monster on Discovery, so I cut it out. Honestly, I'm not too fond of it. Perhaps a PV or lives will help me warm up to it.

Bay Storm 2010.04.11 - MU | MF
Arashi Discovery 2010.04.12 - MU | MF
Monster - Arashi Discovery Preview - MU | MF

Credit: arashi radio box