February 25th, 2010

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Notice: Small Hiatus? More like a delay

As of tomorrow, my husband and I will be homeowners. As such, life has been VERY hectic the past few week. Uploads have slowed down here, but I'm not stopping. In fact, I'm currently working on uploading last week's HNA in HDTV as we speak, and downloading ANS in HDTV.

Tomorrow I will be having FiOS internet installed at the new house and setting up my desktop there, so hopefully things should be SEMI back to a normal posting rate. I hope. XD I have a lot on my plate with painting and moving things into the house, but hopefully I'll be able to jump on to post the uploads, etc. randomly.

I only expect this delay to last approximately two more weeks at the most. :)

Thank you all again for your support and happy downloading. ^_^b